-  This extension is UAE-based fintech startup that offers a buy now, pay later solution that allows for consumers to easily , Buy the things you love and pay later. No interest or

    hidden fees.

-  Purchase items whenever they want, while also keeping in mind the state of their personal finances.

-  Tabby gives customers who value the convenience of cash on delivery(COD) an alternative that is even more convenient for them.

-  Tabby allows the customers to  purchase online without having to pay by credit card at checkout, yet doesn’t require them to pay in cash at the door.

-  Tabby gives customers the ability to split payments (installments)  for their purchases over time, without the burdens and costs associated with applying and carrying a 

    credit card. These value propositions held true, and hold true today. COD can be a costly option for retailers and often translates into a higher risk of packages being

    returned. Try Tabby now!

-   Tabby payment method will be shown only if selected currency is SAR or AED, because Tabby supports only these two currencies.


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Buy Now Pay Later with Tabby

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