This advanced extension allows you to define any custom rules and add extra fee or discount to the order.


  • Custom fee/discount title that will be shown to the customer on the order page
  • Percentage, flat, percentage+flat amount rules
  • Rules based on order amount
  • Rules based on Payment methods
  • Rules based on Currency
  • Rules based on Country
  • Rules based on Geo zone
  • Rules based on Store (for multi-storey installations)
  • Rules based on Customer Groups
  • Rules based on Categories
  • Min / Max fee and discount amount
  • and more!

Some use cases:

  • Add 5% fee if customer pays with PayPal
  • Add a 7% discount if order reaches $100
  • Add $1.5 + 3% if customer chose "UPS Shipping"
  • Add $5 discount on category "Cameras"
  • etc

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Advanced Order Fee & Discount Rules

  • $20.00

Tags: Advanced Order Fee & Discount Rules

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