Tips to Improve Your Business

Whether you are running your parent’s business or work for a vast commerce system like Amazon, eBay its increasing sales through online channels it looks a lot easier than it actually is.
Fortunately, there are dozens of ways you can make more sales online, many of which you can implement right away.

1.Choose  Good Quality Products

First, you need to decide which products you should sell,whether to focus on commodity products, unique products, or a combination of both.
There are two broad types of products, and both can sell well:

Commodity Products are those nearly everyone needs and regularly re-ups on—think food, clothing, toilet paper, etc.
Unique Products come from the artisans of the world, and include products like handmade soaps, one-of-a-kind jewelry, and pieces of art you find on sites like Etsy.

Before diving into this post, you may be in the process of choosing an eCommerce platform.Opencart offers a number of advantages, and we have professional Opencart Themes themes available to help you make a great online store quickly.

2 .Identify Popular Items

In Online Shop its very important as owner of business you should know about what are popular products among your clients, Let your research inform the products

What are today’s most popular products.

What were the best sellers of few months ago?

What are the common threads among these items .

What are your popular brands.

What do Google Trends search data reveal for queries around those terms? Is the trend, rising or falling? How long has it been rising?Increase the Products similar to that category for sale to increase your sale.

3.Get More Ad Clicks with Ad Extensions

If you’re selling stuff online, ad extensions use this feature (available in both AdWords and Bing) allows you to make your ad bigger with more places to click. And it doesn’t cost any extra! AND it increases your ad’s click-through rate! Amazing, right?

4.Show Off Customer Testimonials for customers Satisfaction

Legions of satisfied customers are considerably more influential than even the best-written sales copy, so make sure you include gushing testimonials and reviews from your hardcore brand evangelists gushing about how wonderful you are. These might appear on your product pages , landing pages, pricing page, even your home page.

5.Hold a Daily, 10-Minute Company Meeting

Each day, we gather as a company for a 10-minute meeting called the Daily Huddle .The meeting serves as a firehouse of information that keeps everyone in the loop, including a roundup of our key performance indicators, the celebration of accomplishments, and the identification of opportunities to improve your business.

6.Offer Fewer Choices

If you have a wide range of products, consider structuring your site or product pages in a way that offers visitors as few choices as possible. Remember that the more choices you provide, the more likely a customer is to bounce and go elsewhere.
In fact, in many instances, a greater variety of choice can lead to indecision on the part of the prospect, which in turn results in lost sales.

7. Encourage your employees to chat face-to-face

Use Online Chat on your website is an efficient way of getting an answer, oftentimes it can have the opposite effect, as the subsequent back-and-forth can take longer than a quick face-to-face. “Skype, Google Chat and other online communication tools are always helpful for you.

While chatting and email have their place, by making sure your employees are comfortable communicating face-to-face, you’ll keep your business moving efficiently, and a problem that could have been solved in a five-minute.

8.Use Quality Product Images

Investing in quality product photography will have a good effect on visitors to your site. It gives a good look to your website .
Regardless of what you sell, include high-quality images of your products .Be sure to include a wide range of images. It might seem overkill to include shots of your products from every conceivable angle, but try it out. People love to kick a product’s proverbial tire before buying, especially online.

9.Checkout Page Should be Convenient for Customers

Reducing friction in your checkout process can have an incredible impact on your conversion rates. Just as you should make it as easy as possible for visitors to use and navigate your site, you should make it even easier for them to actually buy what you’re selling.
Eliminate any unnecessary steps in your checkout process that could dissuade a prospect from converting. Skip unnecessary fields in forms. Don’t time them out and make them start over from the beginning.

10. Grow Online Sales with Mobile Optimization

If your website doesn’t load fast on a phone, potential customers or clients move right along to your competitor’s website. A smooth, fast website increases the duration of customer visits. Amazon’s mobile site is an excellent example of how the mobile Ecommerce system .

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