Are you looking for a multi-purpose app with rich functions and top code quality where you can design your own template layouts or want to import pre-built demo layout templates directly into your app and can change design anytime you want? An app where you can create many different app types such as: single shop woocommerce app, food app, radio and podcast, Cosmetic shop, grocery shop, beauty app, news & magazine and many other type apps?

Then we introduce you with our multi-purpose Cirilla app where you are your own boss. We have spent more than 4000 hours developing, designing and planing so you can configure your app and publish it in very short time. Cirilla is for people with zero coding, developers and agencies who wants to save time and money by providing their clients with top quality apps. Cirilla gives you more power and control over your app and it comes with an App Builder plugin where you design and change your app designs without needing to re-publish to app stores.

Work latest Flutter v3.13.x


  • Cart: Cirilla app cart feature is a convenient and flexible way to shop online. Users can sync their carts with WordPress WooCommerce, edit their items and coupons, calculate and choose their shipping options, and merge their carts as guests or registered users. [detail]
  • Video Shopping: The Video shopping feature allows you to create a screen where users can scroll through videos like Tiktok or Youtube shorts and buy your products. This feature includes: Play/ Pause video, Share video, Like video, Buy product, Custom title, description, Play video randomly. [detail]
  • Query Data Selector: is a feature that allows you to easily access and manipulate data nested in product or post data. With Query Data Selector, you can use simple expressions to select, filter, and transform data from any product or post data. Whether you want to extract specific values, apply methods, or join multiple data sets, Query Data Selector can help you achieve your goals with minimal effort and maximum flexibility. After selecting and filtering the data, you can display the results on labels or images to create dynamic and interactive user interfaces. [detail]
  • Dynamic Product List Layout: With this feature, you can create multiple product layouts in the product list screen and customize each product item according to your preferences. You can choose from two layout options, grid or list, and select from eight different product item template layouts for each layout option, such as Contained, Horizontal, Emerge, or Overlay, and apply them to your product items. You can also configure the image, name, price, rating, and other elements of each product item, and hide or show them as you wish. You can also show custom data in widget areas above the name, price, or rating of each product item. [detail]
  • Google fonts: Google Fonts is a collection of over 1501 free fonts that you can use to customize your app’s look and feel. With Cirilla app, you can easily choose and apply any Google Font to your app’s design. You can also adjust the font size, weight, style, and color to fit your needs. Google Fonts support for Cirilla app gives you more options and power over your app’s appearance and branding. You can create an app that shows your style and vision with the help of Google Fonts. To learn more about how to use Google Fonts on Cirilla app, you can check out the documentation or watch the video tutorial. [detail]
  • Profile screen: The Profile screen feature of Cirilla app allows you to create a stunning and personalized profile page for your app. You can choose from four pre-designed templates that offer different layouts and styles for your profile. Each template has three layout sections that you can customize with dynamic links, text, and icons. [detail]
  • Chat realtime with store vendor video
  • Dynamic config social link video
  • Write product review with photo video
  • Push notifications video
  • Admob video
  • Biometric Authentication: Biometric authentication is a way of checking who you are by using something that only you have, such as your fingerprint or your face. It is more secure than using a password or a card, because those can be stolen or forgotten. [doc]
  • Add WC cancel order
  • Add no internet
  • Chat GPT widget
  • Pickup Address From Map

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