This module is compatible with most of the checkout modules including Journal quick checkout, ajax quickcheckout module, one page checkout module etc

Please provide FTP information/cpanel information  by e-mail: after placing order.

Note :- Payment Method Rule does not restrict/filter payment method. It restricts Shipping method based on Payment method.

30. Free Integration support
29. Advanced equation
28. Payment method based shipping * (check warning below)
27. City based shippping * (check warning below)
26. Dimensional Weight based Shipping
25. Very User friendly admin interface
24. Unlimited Shipping Methods (in OC 1.5.x, has dependancy on php parameter max_input_vars)
23. Support Multilingual
22. Strong Debugging Option
21. Shipping Selection Heading Can be changed
20. Group Shipping supported (You can set highest/Lowest/Average/Sum etc. )
19. Week Days based Shipping
18. Time Based Shipping
17. Final Price can be adjusted by adding a value
16. Negative Price allowed
15. Percentage Price allowed
14. Final Cost can be single/cumulative
13. Total Based Shipping
12. Sub-total based Shipping
11. Volume based Shipping
10. Weight Based Shipping
9. Quantity Based Shipping
8. Coupon Based Shipping
7. Zip/Postal Based Shipping (Comma Separated, Wildcards Support, Range Support)
6. Customer Group Based Shipping
5. Manufacturer Based Shipping
4. City and Country Based Shipping
4. Geo Zone Based Shipping
3. Store based Shipping
3. Product Option based shipping
2. Product based Shipping
1. Category based Shipping.

 You can define shipping method with following criteria:

This  Advanced shipping  module is the perfect solution If you want to define your own shipping method and price.

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